Klement Bonelli – Henry’s Way (Memories)

Klement Bonelli

French producer Klement Bonelli is about to make serious waves with this filtered-disco styled track entitled ‘Henry’s Way’ that’s out this November via Memories.

For over a decade Lyon-born artist Klement Bonelli has been making steady moves on the underground house scene. Tracks like ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ on Basement Boys and ‘Ethna’ on Deeplay Soultec got Klement noticed before he really made his mark joining forces with Michel Cleis on the wonderful ‘Marvinello’ on Rebirth back in 2014. With a lot of great tracks in between, the Krome Records boss is certainly on top of his game now and this new release on Rocco Rodamaal’s Memories Records is another notch to the Frenchman’s bed post.

Klement Bonelli
Klement Bonelli

‘Henry’s Way’ is a perfect example of why the French filtered sound became invincible in the mid 90’s. Led by looped string samples coupled with soulful brass loops, this funky 4/4 really digs deep enticing the soul to get up and move. Infectious, this is the sort of track that should be finding its way onto most dance floors that enjoy house music.

Klement Bonelli’s ‘Henry’s Way’ will be released on the 17th November, 2017 via Memories. You can buy it here.

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