Dj Gregory – 4 To The Floor Presents Faya Combo (4 To The Floor)

Faya Combo

4 To The Floor seeks to rediscover the world of Faya Combo, the label and passion project from seminal underground house hero DJ Gregory.

French-born DJ Gregory began his explorations into house music in the early 90s when he was making pilgrimages to New York City to soak up the city’s music scene, bringing back with him the freshest dance music from the nucleus of American house. He set up label Faya Combo in 2002, having had several successful records including his project Africanism with Bob Sinclar on Yellow Productions. Many releases from Faya Combo have striking Afro and Latin flavours, influences sustained by DJ Gregory’s travels to Brazil and Angola to work with local artists in those regions. Now all together in one place for your listening pleasure, 4 To the Floor presents the full Faya Combo package. Including 25 tracks, featuring originals and some heavyweight remixes from the likes of Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Dimitri From Paris and more.

The collection features ‘Elle’, its irresistible Latin rhythms and melodic bass making it a timeless underground hit. ‘Tropical Soundclash’ is another classic, the high-energy, high-tempo, thumping percussive track compelling and funky, so relevant in todays house music environment. Alongside the originals are some fantastic remixes. Karizma delivers his take on DJ Gregory’s ‘Don’t Panic’ by giving it a deeper, darker house edge that rolls into a super-cool, steady beat.

4 To The Floor presents Faya Combo is part of the 4 To The Floor series, lovingly selected and compiled by Luke Solomon. 4 To The Floor also delves into the Nu Groove, Movin’ Records, Sub-Urban, Classic Music Company, Soulfuric and Slip ‘n’ Slide catalogues, digging for those lightbulb moments of musical discovery. Fulfilling his role as your friendly record shop assistant, Luke’s 4 To The Floor series comes correct with brand new vinyl LP collections and digital albums from these now legendary house labels, plus official label merch to accompany all of the releases, for that full rack-raiding experience.

‘4 To The Floor presents Faya Combo’ is available from December 1st, 2017. Check out our other ‘4 To The Floor’ features here.


  1. DJ Gregory – Elle (Original Mix)
  2. DJ Gregory – Tropical Soundclash (Original Mix)
  3. DJ Gregory – And
  4. DJ Gregory – Attend 1 (Original Mix)
  5. DJ Gregory – Labyrinthe (Beat)
  6. Carinhoso Project – Hypnose (Original Mix)
  7. DJ Gregory – Don’t Panic (Gregory & Karizma Dub)
  8. DJ Gregory – Don’t Know Malendro (Dim’s Re-Edit)
  9. DJ Gregory – Head 2 (Main Mix)
  10. DJ Gregory – And (Kerri Chandler Remix)
  11. DJ Gregory – Solaris (Main)
  12. DJ Gregory – Traffic
  13. DJ Gregory – You Moove
  14. DJ Gregory – Klappa
  15. DJ Gregory – Attend 1 (Yass Remix)
  16. DJ Gregory – Triby
  17. DJ Gregory – Afromobile
  18. DJ Gregory – Elle (EOL Ritual)
  19. DJ Gregory – Vasefa
  20. DJ Gregory – Tribylendro
  21. DJ Gregory – The Joburg Theme (Silvano Taunboq Remix)
  22. DJ Gregory – Tropical Soundclash (K-Dope Dub)
  23. DJ Gregory – Don’t Panic (Karizma Main Remix)
  24. DJ Gregory – Elle (Criola Remix)
  25. DJ Gregory – S2 (Tiger Stripes Remix)

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