London Fields – Find Our Love EP (Friday Fox Recordings)

London Fields

Joel Edwards from Deepest Blue fame unveils his new moniker London Fields this September with the ‘Find Our Love’ EP on Friday Fox Recordings.

London-based musician Joel Edwards maybe most noticeable alongside Matt Schwartz as electronic music duo Deepest Blue releasing hits like ‘Give It Away‘ and ‘Deepest Blue‘ in the early 2000’s but Edwards has also recorded under a plethora of aliases like TrAmHeD, Dead Guys and Deeper The Fall as well as notching up remixes for the likes of Lamb, Pixie Lott, Chicane and Blondie. This new moniker London Fields gives Joel a platform to release a hazy mix of electronica, delving into house, disco, techno, deep house, minimal and everything in between.

Joel Edwards aka London Fields

The EP opens with ‘Find Our Love‘ a glitchy rhythm built on unsteady beats, hazy chords and ethereal lead synth melodies. Edwards vocal lays down easy on the sound, but the real magic comes from the composition that really does scream out lazy, summer nights.

All I Want‘ lends itself from the off to a nu-disco type of groove led by funky bass lines, steady 4/4 beats and nice horn arrangements. Not for us this one, vocoders just don’t do it for us but the beat is nice.

Next is ‘KZUNDAZE‘ a off-kilter, melting pot of glitchy bass tones wrapped up in shifting drum patterns and wired, pitched synth lines. The strings bring a breathy atmosphere to the track before it breaks down into serene textures that are charmingly hypnotic.

The Jam‘ almost borders the techno realms with it acid-like drum patterns and stubborn vox stabs. The crazed synth drawls contort around heavy bass splurts that combine to flavour this unusual sound.

No Ono‘ rounds off the EP in a true explosion of techno characteristics. The infamous 808 sounds spring to life with bulbous bass melodies to accompany them through a driving five minutes of energetic German-sounding foreplay.

Overall this an intriguing debut from Edwards and his London Fields moniker, one we have taken firmly into our bosom.

London Fields’ ‘Find Our Love’ EP is out on Friday Fox Recordings as an exclusive TraxSource release now (buy here) with general release set for 11th September, 2017.


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