Dj Hell – Anything, Anytime Incl. Solomun & Argy Remixes (I.D.G.R)

Dj Hell

Berlin’s Dj Hell drops the third single ‘Anything, Anytime’ from his forthcoming album bringing with him the talent of Solomun and Argy for the remixes.

Set to be the opening track from DJ Hell’s critically-acclaimed fifth album ‘Zukunfstmusik’, this new cut ‘Anything, Anytime’ is somewhat of an ode to the 70’s gay movement that brought electric energy, illicit freedom and movement to dance floors all over New York City.

The extended mix by Dj Hell is fourteen minutes of exquisite, bittersweet melodies that really capture the throbbing embers of love caught in a gaze across a dance floor. Delicate piano lines are overrun by brute drum hits in this boundary shattering ode.

Solomun‘s remix is a writhing breakbeat-led sound that glows with warm, evolving bass gnarls and spiralling glass noises. As the track unfolds the glimmering synth melodies come into play joined quickly by the ‘Daft Punk’ type vocal. This is exotic, sex-fuelled vibes from the man Solomun.

Greek-born techno don Argy steps up to close the release with his unrelenting, excitable sound that will drive sweaty hedonistic floors into raptures with its arpeggiated synth lines and bubbling bass tones. This visceral sound will induce floors to a writhing orgy-like mass guaranteed.

Release date for this one is set for the 25th August, 2017 via International Deejay Gigolo Records and you can pre-order it here.

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