Tuccillo – A Part Of 20 LP (Unblock Records)

Italian-born producer Tuccillo returns to Unblock Records this May with his forward-thinking debut LP ‘A Part Of 20’.

The now Ibiza-based artist Giuseppe Tuccillo has been carefully honing his distinctive sound over the last twenty years. To celebrate the Italian has put together a real labour of love by the way of ‘A Part Of 20’ that see’s the emerging talent return to Unblock Records following EP’s like ‘Watchout’, ‘Blacktalk’ and the ‘Nightcrawler’ EP that saw him collaborate with UK stalwart Ralph Lawson.


The self-taught electronic music connoisseur has been living in Ibiza for quite some time now using it as a base to be creatively free both as a dj which has seen him arrive at clubs like fabric, Watergate, Sankeys Ibiza and the now closed Space club. As a producer Tuccillo has landed on labels like Holic Trax, 20:20 Vision, Peppermint Jam and Oblack label amongst many more.

This debut LP opens with the throbbing analogue sounds of ‘Renacer’ a steady electronic sounding cut that layers melodic bass with bright, lively lead synth lines. ‘Need You’ is a more chugging sound that delves a little deeper with whispery vocals and loose drum sequences. ‘Tonight’ featuring C.H.Brown is a dizzy, euphoric sound that features enigmatic pads, bubbling bass lines and Brown’s deep, soulful vocal. ‘Raw Orchestra’ is next. Definitely one of our favourites, this disco-stylised sound is beautifully arranged with rousing strings that give way to a chunky 4/4 beat that carries a fiery vibe. ‘Expression’ delves deep with low-slung bass lines and simple synth melodies all wrapped up by spoken vocals whilst ‘Feeling Hot’ see’s the return of another Tuccillo regular collaborator Howard. This block-style groove is reminiscent of early Paper Recordings cuts and brings plenty of attitude that plays out over staggered drum beats and raw synth lines. ‘7300 Days’ is an evocative sound that uses evolving synths, glassy tones and beautifully worked breakdowns to create a profound sound. Closing the album is ‘Again’ that features the final guest vocals from Paola Rowid. This juxtaposition of sound see’s Acid-styled nuances played off against warm live instrumentation that caresses the listener whilst the swooning vocals of Rowid ache tenderly.

Overall this well thought-out album has been obviously a labour of love for the Italian and as far as debut long players go, this shows off Tuccillo’s talents in very good light.

Tuccillo’s ‘A Part Of 20’ LP will be released via Unblock Records on the 29th May, 2017.


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