DJ W!LD – Gangster Paradise EP (Roush)


The enigmatic DJ W!LD returns to Hector Couto’s Roush label this May with a solid four-track EP entitled ‘Gangster Paradise’.

Considered to be one of the heroes of the Parisian underground movement, Guillaume Duchastel De Montrouge aka DJ W!LD has been at the forefront of French house music since the turn of the century. Releases on labels like Robsoul, OFF, 20:20 Vision, his own Catwash Records and more recently his W Label have cemented DJ W!LD as a true aficionado of house music.

This new EP (in no relation to the Coolio track may we add) opens with title-track ‘Gangster Paradise’. Led by weighty kicks that carry a nice hat sequence that creates a sublime groove. Repetitive vocal loops coupled with ring tones add flavour whilst the latter break surprises us with the introduction of a disco-styled phrase that roars with pianos and tense strings before slamming back into the main groove. Bravo Monsieur W!LD.

W!LD then steers into deeper territory with ‘Ma Tendre Ennemie’ a pulse bass-led sound that again brings that enigmatic French disco nuances whilst the lively percussion creates a surefire swing. Flavoured by glass whistles and then ethereal pads in the breakdowns, this is a working groove that will keep floors moving.

‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ is a more strip-backed track that focuses on percussive-led drum sequences from muted toms to bright hats that become entwined with evolving string pads and airy fx lines. Although not as grabbing as the first two cuts, this is a versatile weapon for those who know how to control sets.

Finally ‘Please Please Please’ rounds off the EP with a drop in tempo. This underground space disco joint probably lines up around 115-120bpm with hazy grooves that contain touches of that infamous French filter sound as well as a nice Acid variation on the bass line later in the track.

DJ W!LD’s ‘Gangster Paradise’ EP will land on Roush from May 29th, 2017.





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