Moda Black Launches ‘In Conversation’ Podcast with Ben Pearce

Moda Black

Moda Black today launches ‘In Conversation’, a new podcast series featuring long-form interviews with artists, DJs and industry shakers, first up is Ben Pearce.

Hosted by Moda Black label manager Craig Duranti, In Conversation digs deep into the careers, influences and backstories of some of the music world’s most interesting characters. Each episode serves as an opportunity to cover topics and passions outside of music, providing a candid insight that goes beyond the barriers of traditional interviews and social media discourse.

For the first instalment Craig sat down with Ben Pearce. Much has been written about Ben’s recent issues with his mental health, and whilst they cover this subject, Ben also talks at length about his entry into music, the pressure to conform, touring, his love of food and what the future looks like.

Listen to the interview below and subscribe to Moda Black’s Mixcloud for future podcasts.



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